If you would like to know more, please contact us and ask!

Call Graeme 080-1767-5423 if you have any other questions

Can anyone enter?

Of course! Detour is open to all, as long as you are 20 or older. Don’t be shy, come and say Hi!

What languages can I use in the bar?

You can speak whatever language you like. Our staff can understand English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, and even Australian.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes! Since October 2020, we now accept major credit cards, as well as PayPay, Line Pay, AliPay, Rakuten Pay, Au Pay, dPay, Apple pay, Nanaco etc. Some pay systems require a surcharge, so please ask at the bar when you order.

Can I smoke cigarettes/cigars?

Yes. Bar Detour is a licensed tobacco reseller, so you can smoke in the bar. However we don’t keep much stock, so if we don’t have your brand, please buy it elsewhere.

Can I make a reservation for a table/party?

Sure! Please contact us in advance. We can do bookings outside of regular business hours depending on number of people too.

What are you doing about COVID-19?

A lot. Please check out our page dedicated to this here.

Who owns Detour?

Detour is owned and run by Republik LLC, a company made up of 4 expats who undervalued their time when they decided to open a bar. You can tell who we are because we drink more than our customers and have less hair than most of them too.