We are serious about Covid-19



Everyone at Detour is concerned about the safety of our staff and customers. Because of that, we have received accreditation for our coronavirus prevention measures by the Kumamoto city government. For more information please visit here (Japanese only).

In order to reduce risk of spreading coronavirus, the following preventative procedures are in place, as recommended by the Kumamoto government corona advisor:

  • All staff and customers are required to wear masks
  • Antibacterial gel available at entrance and around the bar
  • Plastic screen at counter separating staff and customers
  • Reduced seating capacity to encourage social distancing
  • Multiple air purifiers operating 24/7
  • Multiple air circulators
  • Body temperature check upon arrival
  • Masks required when using karaoke

If you have any questions/concerns about our operations, please contact us on Instagram, Facebook or call Graeme on 08017675423 (Japanese and English are both OK).




  • すべてのスタッフと顧客はマスクを着用する必要があります
  • 入り口とバーの周りにある抗菌ジェル
  • スタッフと顧客を隔てるカウンターのプラスチックスクリーン
  • 社会的距離を伸ばすための座席数の削減
  • 24時間年中無休で稼働する複数の空気清浄機
  • 複数の空気循環装置
  • 到着時の体温チェック
  • カラオケを使用するときに必要なマスク